Thursday, 4 August 2016

Blaugust 4, 2016: The Tiredening

I’m still mentally exhausted! Hooray! So you are in for another rambling, barely coherent one, I fear, as I have too little focus left to do even a quiz. Good thing I’m on Sunday to Thursday and it is the end of my working week. I’ll be able to spend some quality time writing tomorrow!

I was noticing little errors creeping into my work all afternoon. The kind of things that don’t cause a major kerfuffle, but just mean things take longer as you are fixing them while you go. After work I spent half an hour doing grocery shopping that would normally take me ten minutes, and then when I got home I decided I lacked the focus to cook after all and ordered pizza. Hooray for Earth!

Besides paying someone else to cook for me, here are a few of my favourite methods for dealing with mental exhaustion:

  1. Sugary things. Oh lordy I want sugary things right now.
  2. Tea. I should make a pot. I’m not going anywhere tomorrow, so why not?
  3. Watching funny things.
  4. Interacting with others exclusively via the internet because that way they aren't in my space.
  5. Calming music.
  6. Undergoing hypnosis that will allow me to stay ignorant of the Trump tilt at the presidency. Seriously, that guy worries me a lot.
  7. More sugary things.

See you tomorrow. I hope to do better.

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