Sunday, 21 August 2016

Blaugust 21, 2016: Catching Up with ETHICS

It is my intention to develop a more structured ‘code’ for myself, in regards to the disposal of my resources and what practices this encourages in others. For example, purchasing clothes in an ethical manner supports developing communities and does not exploit them, so I should do that when I need clothes. Tonight I have started to put a little thought into this, and without further ado I present a very sparse first draft, to which I will add things when I think about them over the next forever.

Media. In order to support investigative journalism that exposes injustices, environmental exploitation, and holds power to account, it is necessary to fund such journalism. It seems advertising just doesn’t cut it any more as a revenue stream, and sales of papers are going out with the dodo. In light of its outstanding work relating to climate change and Australia’s disgusting immigration detention practices, I will become a supporter of Guardian Australia for $100. I will further seek to provide a $5 donation to other Australian outlets any time I believe they have brought to light some necessary truth. I will do the same for international outlets, but only where the significance is global.

Clothing. I will buy clothing made from natural fibres. Although recycled plastic clothing sounds great, as pieces come off in the wash they cause problems, particularly when they get to the marine environment. I read something about a month ago that said such plastic particles are becoming a huge looming issue. I will also buy clothing produced in a fair trade manner as the clothing industry is still pretty appalling. I will also learn how to darn my damned socks, and otherwise opt to repair what I have before looking to replace.

Food. I will consider carefully the source of my food, and If it is something that can be grown sensibly in Australia, I will support local producers. If it is not sensible, like rice, I will consciously import the stuff. In general I will seek to reward sustainable practices, and reduce food miles. I will avoid large chain fast food.

Entertainment. Avoid piracy. Support indie creators. Less Youtube that isn’t content actually created by the uploader.

Politics. I will probably keep my membership of the Greens rolling. While I do not agree with every Greens position, and while any infighting within any movement with which I am associated depresses me, the Greens are absolutely the best, most moral bet we have in my opinion, and it is right to support them.  By giving them financial support I am enabling advocacy on a number of extremely important issues, and I believe that in many cases this advocacy can go much further than a direct donation to a group acting on a single issue.

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