Monday, 15 August 2016

Blaugust 15, 2016: On Lazy Thinking, and a BONUS QUIZ!

Something I regret lately is that somewhere along the line I became far too lazy to offer in-depth analysis on things. I’ve been intellectually lazy since age twelve, but this is going further. I think I need to spend some time soon doing some, just to flex that muscle.

I suspect a large part of the problem is that I tend to ask myself, “Does it actually matter? Will I add anything to the conversation here?” Usually, in fact almost always, I answer firmly in the negative to both questions. I promptly abandon everyone else to their own firm positions and go do something fun instead.

This dearth of substantive analysis impacts my game playing, as I tend to be content to experiment, or attempt a strategy that tickles my fancy for some reason, instead of endeavouring to thoroughly work out optimal play. This is not to say I ever intentionally play sub-optimally, but rather that I too infrequently think carefully enough about what is and isn’t optimal and make my choices based on other criteria.

As this laziness bleeds over into other fields, Blaugust is an excellent exercise for me in forcing myself to put words on a page. I am forcing my brain to make connections and just generally do things.

Anywho, here is a BONUS QUIZ! About MUSIC PEOPLE.

  1. Who recorded the quintessential version of the jazz standard ‘Feeling Good’?
  2. What is the name of the house band on The Muppet Show?
  3. Who wrote ‘Jolene’?
  4. Who composed ‘Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis’?
  5. Which Beatle married a Bond girl?
  6. The special ‘A Black and White Night’ celebrated which artist?
  7. Who was the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane at the height of their popularity?
  8. Which famous opera soprano sung a duet with Freddie Mercury which became an Olympic theme song?
  9. Who wrote the 1967 hit ‘The Look of Love’?
  10. Cass Elliot was a member of which band?


  1. I enjoy taking the time to think deeply about things even if those thoughts go out into the ether and don't contribute to the discussion. Having the chance to write really helps clarify my thinking.

    I feel like I'm going to be bad at this one, music not being my strong point.

    1. Nope. James Brown?
    2. Dr Teeth and the ELectric Mayhem
    3. I should know this and don't. Sting?
    4. We get a lot of Tallis in college, but less Vaughn Williams. I think it should be the other way around.
    5. Ringo Starr.
    6. Don't know, but it would be funny if it were Michael Jackson.
    7. Eek. John Bo Jovi? I know, I know...
    8. Joan Sutherland?
    9. Dusty. Not Slim, the other one.
    10. Is that the Mamas and Papas Cass, or am I way off base?

    Yeah, actually, not as bad as I thought, but I'm confident that you'll laugh at my ignorance anyways.

    1. I would never! You know many things I do not, after all.