Saturday, 13 August 2016

Blaugust 13, 2016: Half an Hour Late!

I'm late! I'm Late! For a very important blaug! My excuse is that I was out at Dad's for family birthdays, and then at Hywel's with John and Ale for what can only be described as board games and degustation. Gosh that Hywel fellow is a marvellous host.

It is worth noting that I ate desserts sweetened with sugar. But I figure that if Hywel is going to go to effort, I am damn well going to appreciate said effort. Back on the wagon tomorrow!

Board game I want to play more of: The Bloody Inn. It has a delightfully macabre aesthetic, interesting mechanics, and works well with the people I like to game with. My only criticism is that it seemed a little short (at over an hour!) and could do with more cards, but we wondered if that was a symptom of the ol' first play shuffle, which definitely affected things. Still, definitely room for an expansion there!

Short and sweet tonight, I have work in the morning and sleep to have. I will get less sleep than is good for my functioning, so I will have to try to catch up on it tomorrow too.

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