Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Blaugust 6, 2014 - Are You Looking For A Challenge??? (Yes)

Today my mind is fairly blank, which is nice in a way, and I found myself re-hashing old ground in my first draft. It has me a touch worried about my word-count falling a little behind, and so I am blatantly padding it out, but I figure all is fair in love and blaug.

Participating in Blaugust has been an interesting experience so far. I came into it with no firm plans, just a commitment to write a certain amount with a certain frequency. Reading the content my fellow Blaugusters have produced has been interesting, entertaining, informative, and inspiring. My content, however, has this certain proclivity toward introspection.

I suspect this is because I'm writing what I feel like writing. I haven't allowed myself any real forum for long-form self-expression before, and I am getting a certain catharsis from the process. You know, pretty much what everyone who has written a diary ever has experienced.

I beg your continued indulgence, and hope that the interludes with proper interesting, informative content make up for the days when I just babble about whatever is on my mind. Perhaps I will challenge myself with a theme for week two? Perhaps you, dear reader, could challenge me with such?


  1. Daily comparisons, metaphorical connections, and the like, between board games and various native plants?
    Personally, I've been liking the introspection.

  2. Maybe you could write us all a story on the theme of debt and tardiness.

    1. Appropriate.

      (For everyone else, I have owed Aaron a story for over a year, probably more like two)

    2. I just checked: a little over four years.

  3. An in depth and detailed description of your favourite native flower, sufficient that readers can produce a botanist sketch from

  4. Once a week you must create a piece of poetry but each week's piece should conform to a different form (eg. Sonnet, haiku)

  5. Talk about what you like. What games/plants/places you like kinda stuff
    I like the comparisons idea too!
    Personal experiences with these things~?