Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Blaugust 13, 2014 - Lazy Days (Not Sundays)

Today has been my one day off for the week, thanks to having five days at work at the moment and a string of clients lined up. Naturally, I slept in until after eleven and woke up feeling groggy but alive.

Looking around the house today I have spotted shopping that needs doing, clothes and dishes to wash, an unmade bed (not that I ever make it), bags of seeds to sort out sitting on the kitchen counter, bits and pieces mum offloaded to me that I didn't want sitting in a basket to go through, and a hell of a lot of work to be done on my collection of rescued plants.

With the exception of washing my clothes so I'm not wearing something filthy to work tomorrow, I did none of it. I sat on my butt, ate food, and stared at this computer monitor all damn day. I'd make the excuse that I spent some of it working on the terrible story which I promised I'd post here, but I know that without it I'd have just played Skyrim or something of that ilk and the result would be much the same.

Due to DCC being of the 'gritty' bent as far as RPG systems go, and due also to my own preference to a darker setting full of horrors for the players to struggle against or fall victim to, the story has taken a decidedly dark turn, and I think I will post it with a warning when I eventually put it up.

Despite writing a little I don't feel particularly good about the way I spent the day. There is a part of me that is looking around and not seeing anything accomplished, and it is making critical noises in my head. Then there is the other part of me that is just oh so tired and wishes dearly that all those nuisance jobs would just up and go away.

Fortunately for me, the evening holds a meeting for my local branch of The Greens. Perhaps I will feel better after that?

Time passes...

Lo and behold, I do. I feel a lot better about today. It was a good meeting, though we ran a little over time. There was a bit of administrivia, which is always a bother, but there were issues discussed and progress was made toward actions. I feel like I am participating in the process, which is important in the current political climate. I even have ideas to raise at the next meeting.

We are having a fundraiser on September the 6th. Might be geared a little more to the older crowd, but it should be fun.

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