Saturday, 30 August 2014

Blaugust 30, 2014 - Progress Report

Unfortunately I couldn't find the plum varieties I wanted today. I rang around, and went looking, but apparently European plums are so unpopular not many stock them. It doesn't help that I am doing this very late in the season, either. Mitre 10 Balhannah were helpful, and will ask the grower on Monday for me. It helps that the grower is in Balhannah, or rather nearby.

I didn't plant any strawbs, as Diggers in town don't have any of theirs in yet and everyone else stocks that 'Red Gauntlet' rubbish. No natives got potted on either, nor did I paint a witty sign, so I may have to rush that tomorrow morning.

I did however pick up an Apricot 'Moorpark', some pots, potting mix, and chicken manure; built a compost heap, did the washing, got extra sleep, shared a pot of tea, and considered my options for the defence of Bulgaria (and the defence of Russia's territory in Rumania) in Diplomacy. Curse that expansionist Austrian! We don't want him sneaking any more supply centres before Winter. With any luck I'll issue the orders shortly.

As for better Blaugust content, well. You be the judge of that.

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