Monday, 25 August 2014

Blaugust 25, 2014 - Fresh Eyes

Today I started my four weeks filling in out at Murray Bridge, and immediately started moving things around in order to spruce the place up. What I have done has so far had good feedback, and I hope to keep it up. It is interesting how a fresh pair of eyes can immediately see solutions to problems that might not be apparent to people who have seen a given situation for a long time, and how it is so much easier to improve something via collaborative process, whereby one person builds on another's earlier improvements, and these improvements are in turn improved on.

Refining something is almost always harder on your own, as it is difficult to look at something with a fresh perspective without stepping away from the project, or being prompted by something to see a new angle.

Speaking of a fresh pair of eyes, mine are hardly fresh at the moment as I have had no more than six hours sleep for the last three nights and I am definitely regretting that. As such I had really better cut this post short, and try for a nice, rejuvenating seven and a half before another day of work.

I'll leave you with one of my very favourite Beatles songs. Goodnight!

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