Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Blaugust 26, 2014 - Cravings

Nearly there, just a few more days!

I'm thinking I should try to keep off the chocolate and the icecream for as long as possible after the month is up, but I am certainly going to have a couple of other indulgences. I am looking forward to some glace fruit, and carob-coated dried bananas most particularly. I'm thinking I should try more dried fruit in general as an alternative snack to chocolate.

I have noticed that without my chocolate habit, I am falling back into other bad habits that I though I was rid of years ago. Larger portion sizes, mixed cereals for breakfast, lazy cooking instead of taking the tiny bit of extra effort required to make something healthy. I'm pretty much eating like I did as a teenager (though not quite as heavily, thankfully).

This will be yet another super light effort on my part, I am afraid. If I remember, tomorrow I will talk about interesting things to do with growing plants in pots.

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