Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Blaugust 27, 2014 - Strawberries

I just got a craving for fresh Strawberries. Then I remembered that I should be damn well planting some Strawberries so that I can have said fresh Strawberries.

I'll probably go with Chandlers again, the main variety that I planted in my old veggie patch last year. Quite rewarding, as I was a lot more attentive with their care than in past efforts. I also trialled some day neutral varieties that fruit over a longer period, I think Tarpan and Kamu from memory. I won't go with Tarpan again, because in addition to having bright pink flowers, the fruit tasted, well, pink; somewhat sickly sweet. I'll probably go with good old Temptation as my second variety, the variety I tried and failed to grow from seed last year (dismal failure was dismal).

I'm also thinking I should get some big plastic tubs and grow some fruit trees. I'm not a huge fan of citrus, so something in a dwarf stonefruit. Or perhaps a full-size stonefruit that will just have to put up with potted life. I did love my Peach Alberta, it gave me great fruit in abundance (if being annoyingly prone to leaf curl, as Peaches generally are). I have also long harboured ambitions of growing Green Gage and Angelina Prunes. I wonder if I could manage them, and any necessary pollinators in tubs? I'd be very, very annoyed to have to leave fruit trees behind me again...

If anyone has some plastic tubs of a decent size, let me know!

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