Friday, 15 August 2014

Blaugust 15, 2014 - Recipe for Ideas

Tonight I find myself lying on the floor in the dimly-lit lounge room in front of the fire; staring at the ceiling fan lazily spinning in circles while I listen to the crackle of the flames with the heat on my face, bits and pieces of unconnected thoughts floating through my head.

Nothing substantial, though reflections on this Blaugust so far were useful and I have resolved to keep it up. I suspect I might come short on my intended word count, but I am going to at the very least put in the effort each day. If the words don't come, so be it.

I thought briefly about the various big-wigs who came to visit us at work this week. They had some positive things to say about us which made me feel temporarily less paranoid. It also made me feel better about focussing more on my employment rather than on building my side business. Though I value my little business a great deal, I'm by no means wanting to jump into that full time and may never be.

I also pondered home insulation, thermal mass, and lacks thereof. It takes a lot to heat this little house and it doesn't stay warm for long. Too much of the heat bleeds out too readily during and after the process.

As a rule much of my best and most inspired thinking is done in three places: In front of a fire, in the shower, and in bed. It probably has something to do with being warm, relaxed, comfortable, and with few distractions. I think I might go to bed and continue reading an excellent book on designing a home garden on permaculture principles.

But first for those of you folk with too little energy and motivation left at the end of a hard day's work to cook something decent, I present to you this little bit of wisdom:

Boil up some pasta. For the last minute, add some frozen peas. Strain. In a frypan, scramble an egg or two and cook some chickpeas, at the same time. Combine that and the strained pasta and peas in the original saucepan, and stir through some basil pesto from a jar while on heat. Serve with grated cheese and maybe pepper. You are welcome.

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