Monday, 18 August 2014

Blaugust 18, 2014 - Entertainments

I spent a couple of hours back in Skyrim today, that land of freezing cold hills, dragons, and shouting goats off cliffs. As usual, my carrying capacity was fluctuating between almost full and horribly overburdened. I really need to learn to cut down to the bear necessities and ditch all of those potions I might someday use, the ore that I might possibly need for some odd purpose, and the dozen goat horns I have for some reason.

I have a bit of a thing in RPGs for playing the 'appropriate' race. In Elders Scrolls games, Dunmer in Morrowind, Imperial in Oblivion, Nord in Skyrim. It is a little vanilla, I know, but I can't help myself. So off I go, haring about, and then I start feeling bad that my fellow Nords are a bunch of racists. There are prominent examples of racism by the Nords against just about every other race in the game. Where are the friendly, welcoming Nords, open to new cultures and experiences?

I'm currently at level 60, and three perks off of having the enchanting ability and the smithing ability to make myself a genuinely excellent bit of kit. I went with light armour, because I like being mobile and stealthy, and switch between a bow, sword and board, and throat cutting.

Today's other entertainment has been watching episodes of Father Brown as I'm a sucker for a gentle British mystery, and I also enjoy early Midsomer Murders, Poirot, Miss Marple, and most especially Foyle's War. Mark Williams is extremely entertaining in the title role of Father Brown, but I hope to see the supporting cast be a little livelier and less wooden.
What fun. What utterly unproductive, waste of time fun. Every now and then I look back and realise that if I took some of the time I have spent watching or playing and instead devoted it to something productive I could have achieved X, or Y, and that is slightly saddening. I should probably challenge that and do something, but I'll play just one more hour first.

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