Thursday, 6 August 2015

Blaugust 6B, 2015: What to Write?

So I find myself pondering as to what I shall write about for the rest of the month. I have a few things in the bank, but it is good to explore new ideas. I currently have a terrible piece just about ready on one of my philosophical approaches to life, and have just begun one that attempts to explore my taste in whisky.

Unfortunately the latter is going to be a touch short, so I am considering expanding it to include tea, as well, though that could well be the subject of its own article.

I can always work something up on plants, be they natives or non-natives, edibles, weeds, or street trees. I have many more things to say about cardboard and other types of games, and I could always write more about AVCon this year.

Food is always a good topic, and I would have a lot to say about those types of foods that I have enormous difficulty putting down (far too many of them).

I could write about the ridiculous dreams I've had lately, including the one where my workplace, a plant nursery, purchased a single working Atari 2600 to stock, which I immediately bought with my staff discount.

I am also seriously considering writing a review piece comparing various cheddars available from supermarkets. Spoiler: Mainland Vintage is winning so far. It makes Bega "Strong & Bitey" taste like freaking Colby.

Other topics I could write about include anime, games, the sad state of television compared to when I was a boy, Auspol, and why Monty Python sketches just aren't as funny any more.

So I ask for your opinion, dear readers. What would you like me to write about? Let me know in the comments section and I promise I will seriously consider your opinions before inevitably casting them to the winds and writing about whatever takes my fancy at the time.


  1. I would personally love to read about your writings on cheese!

    Perhaps some tales from the AVCon and AUVGA days of old would be fascinating as well.

    I know how you're into cooking. Got any recipes you've concocted?

  2. They all sounds amazing, but I want to hear more about your dreams.
    And yeah, I second xandox's request for early AVCon stories.