Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Blaugust 5, 2015: A QUIZ!

A QUIZ was due, and so a QUIZ you shall have. You know how these work: The quiz setter dumps a whole bunch of questions on you, the reader, that reflect his or her own intellectual biases with little to no regard to anyone else's predispositions.

1) What biological control measure for which I am quite thankful at the moment was first trialled in Australia on Wardang Island in 1938?

2) What is the common name of Aquila audax?

3) What was the name of the shrubber in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"?

4) Which famous Australian has the nickname "Skull"?

5) In which country is Ardbeg?

6) What is the common name of Fragaria x ananassa?

7) Who wrote "Leaf By Niggle"?

8) Who directed the movie adaptation of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"?

9) Who hosted "Come and Get It"?

10) What is the correct dump-stat in Dungeons and Dragons?

11) Which former Australian minister first made the claim that passengers on SIEV 4 had threatened to throw children overboard?

12) What did I have for breakfast this morning?

Pop your answers in the comments and I will judge you! Don't look at other people's responses until you have posted your own! Answers tomorrow.


  1. Shots fired! Load guesses! Prepare the cannons!
    1) Koala culling? Seems a bit harsh, Mork.
    2) Aquila is the Wedgie? I'd say the baldy but my dad always taught me to play the man
    3) Roger. Roger the Shrubber. Got one.
    4) Kerry O'Keefe. I miss his laugh on the cricket commentary.
    5) No idea. Finland.
    6) Fragaria...It's something smelly? Let's say...anise?
    7) J.R.R Tolkien. I can reach out and touch my copy right now...Nope....fell off my chair trying.
    8) No idea. Clint Eastwood.
    9) What is that? When in doubt...Burgo.
    10) Umm...Wisdom?
    11) I seem to recall it was the Father of the House himself, Mr. Ruddock. The "activist club" at our school were not big fans.
    12) Probably porridge. You're a porridge kind of guy.

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  3. 1) Given the date I’m a little unsure; it seems a bit early for myxo, so I’m going to guess the prickly pear eating moths whose names I can’t remember.

    2) Wedge-tailed eagle.

    3) I’m afraid it’s slipped my mind!

    4) No idea.

    5) Blind guess time. I’m going to avoid the easy Dutch target and say Denmark.

    6) No idea.

    7) JRR Tolkien. Such a reactionary, that one!

    8) No idea!

    9) Even less idea!

    10) A loaded question, but in most editions and for most characters Charisma tends to get dropped first.

    11) Peter Reith, that lovable rogue.

    12) I’ll play the long shot and say you were in too much of a hurry and skipped it.