Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Blaugust 6, 2015: QUIZ ANSWERS & Bonus Quiz

I hope you all enjoyed my little quiz yesterday! Well done to all of you, especially to that Pichy guy. He submitted his answers to me via IRC and successfully demonstrated that A) He knew the correct answers to 10 of the 12 questions, and that B) He is an incorrigible smartarse. <3

1) What biological control measure for which I am quite thankful at the moment was first trialled in Australia on Wardang Island in 1938?
- Sorry John, but it was indeed Myxomatosis.

2) What is the common name of Aquila audax?
- The Wedge-tailed Eagle, or "Cocky Slayer" according to Pichy.

3) What was the name of the shrubber in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"?
- Roger

4) Which famous Australian has the nickname "Skull"?
- Kerry O'Keeffe

5) In which country is Ardbeg?
- Scotland! It is a distillery.

6) What is the common name of Fragaria x ananassa?
- Strawberry

7) Who wrote "Leaf By Niggle"?
- JRR Tolkien

8) Who directed the movie adaptation of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"?
- Terry Gilliam

9) Who hosted "Come and Get It"?
- Peter G'day Russell-G'day-Clarke

10) What is the correct dump-stat in Dungeons and Dragons?
 - Charisma

11) Which former Australian minister first made the claim that passengers on SIEV 4 had threatened to throw children overboard?

- Philip Ruddock was first to make the claim.

12) What did I have for breakfast this morning?
- I'll accept 'cereal'. If anyone had guessed "3 Weet-Bix in hot milk, topped with cornflakes and Nutri-Grain", they would have immediately won the quiz forever.


And now, a bonus quiz!

In Neverwinter Nights 2, what is the name of the evil ranger who joins your party?

Which former Australian minister presided over a scandal involving kerosene baths?

Who was the eighth Catholic archbishop of Sydney?

Who did Ian Smith most famously portray?

In the chess piece relative value system, which other piece has the same value as a knight?

Who is channel 10's long serving entertainment reporter?

Which member of the X-men comes from a police force in a dystopian future?

Who said, "We was too late. The Reverend Grundy bit the ceiling"? A point each for the character and the actor.

Who was the first Australian politician to respond to an interview entirely in emoji?

Who was the executive officer of the USS Sulaco?

1 comment:

  1. More quizzes? Where will it end?

    1) Is that a video game? I dunno...Drizzt?
    2) Kerosene baths? When in doubt, say Menzies.
    3) George Pell? I can't name another, but I find it hard to believe he was only the eighth.
    4) Which Ian Smith, the one that was Harold in neighbours, or th one that kept wicket for New Zealand.
    5) See, last I heard, most players consider a knight to be worth about 2.8 central pawns, and the bishop 3.2, ish.
    6) The only person at all that I know of who works for channel 10 is (or did once) is Sandra Sully. I don't have a TV.
    7) Umm...Cyclops? Dunno
    8) It's Monty Python...sounds like Terry Jones in my head. Can't place it, though.
    9) Bleh...Bob Brown?
    10) Pffh...Janeway?

    That was supposed to be easy?