Saturday, 30 July 2016

Blaugust Zero, 2016: The Revenge of Blaugust II

Hello chums, and welcome back for another year to attempt the madness we call Blaugust. After my shameful display last year, I am setting a lofty goal; intending to do the full 31. Out of consideration for my sanity, however, I am not giving myself any word counts or other restrictions, save that it be my work.

Topics and entries you might see from me this year include:

  • Talk about Elfgames
  • Where I am at, yo
  • Why I don't play video games much at all any more
  • Planning your home landscape for bushfire safety
  • Baked goods reviews
  • More stuff about plants
  • Bitching about politics
  • Cool stuff in home design
  • Thoughts on tea
Anywho, I hope you will join me, and I am looking forward to all of your stuff as ever. Good luck everyone!

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