Thursday, 31 July 2014

Blaugust 0, 2014 - Goals and Aspirations, A Short Statement Thereon

Inspired by the sterling examples of such luminaries as Alethea, John, and Thomas, I have decided to participate in this year's 'Blaugust'. I do so in the hope that committing to and seeing through a project, no matter how minor, will contribute to improving my sorely lacking self-discipline.

Improving my self-discipline over the long term is a big thing I need to achieve. It will in turn assist with improving my health, my wealth, and my self-esteem/confidence.

I intend to make no less than 31 posts for the month of August, not including this one, and write no less than 31,000 words.

I hope that my readers, however few, will forgive me if I wax maudlin on occasion or give in to a little bitterness here and there, as I intend to write whatever I feel most like writing. I hope they will also forgive me if I choose to yell at clouds.

I will probably talk about such diverse subjects as plants, tea, fantasy RPG dungeons/campaigns, chickens, politics, and what I am having for dinner.

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